Installment loans – installment loan in a few moments

An online installment loan is a product available to the public and easy to receive. To find the best offer for you, just use a good comparison. See what might interest you.

Statistics show that loans are used by nearly one million Poles – Poles appreciate the minimum formalities, no need to fill out extensive forms, provide various types of certificates, and extremely fast loan execution times.

As many as 60% of this group are young people up to 34 years of age who do not have savings, often do not have the credit history required by banks (even those related to installment purchases) and cannot always boast of high earnings.

On the other hand, they are familiar with modern technologies and aware of the rules for using an installment loan. However, above all, they are characterized by greater openness and willingness to take risks.

So-called payday loans are taken before Easter, Christmas or holidays – money is needed to implement small occasional expenses, e.g. buying gifts, organizing parties, trips, etc.

Quick installment loans – how to find them?

Remember that an installment loan is not the same product as a loan – we wrote about it in this guide. Modern technologies have meant that you can easily find quick installment loans online – all you need is internet access on your computer, tablet or phone.

In the search you can use any search engine, entering the words: cheap installment loans, cheap installment loans or simply installment loans. However, it is worth using the portals functioning in the network offering the opportunity to compare offers, such as Good Finance.

Thanks to this, you will not have to err on the sides of individual loan companies, only in one place, you will find a list of the most attractive cheap installment loans offered by private capital companies (loan companies, parabanks, etc.).

The offer comparison engine, e.g. the one on the pages of the Good Finance portal, is structured in such a way that you can specify search criteria and take into account all payday loans, payday loans without BIK or the so-called free payday loans. You enter the loan amount and the loan repayment period online and then click find the best payday loan.

You will receive a list of monthly installment loans, which you can sort by installment amount, costs and amount to be repaid. Thanks to this, you will easily find a product that will meet your expectations – the cheapest installment loan is ideal for everyone.

Free payday loans – loans close to ideal


Most such companies offer loans for a short period of up to 30 days, although long-term loans can be found. The amount of liabilities incurred is also small, usually from 500 to 3000 USD, but there are companies offering larger amounts. In such cases, however, this involves the need to obtain information from the Credit Information Bureau, and sometimes also from Good Finance.

Free loans are attractive because their actual annual interest rate is (APRC) 0%. This means that if you take out a USD 1,000 loan, after a month you will have to pay back exactly the same – provided you do it on time!

Usually, however, only attractive installment loans with small amounts and short terms have such attractive conditions. If you take out a loan for 2 months, both the loan installment and its real costs can be completely different. Short loans from the APRC 0% are offered by the following companies:

Around 15 loan companies currently grant free loans of up to USD 3,000, but only one of them – Good Finance, for an additional payment of USD 10 – lends on such terms for 2 months. Others grant a loan on such terms only for a month.

When looking for the best installment loan, you can take advantage of professional advice and rankings available online – preferably those developed by independent experts, not paid by marketers. You can also search for information on forums, but avoid surreptitious advertising and look for the opinions of authentic borrowers.

Installment loans – expert summary Good Finance:


Before you sign the loan agreement, read it carefully and carefully read its terms. The so-called principle Free loans are simple: they are free only if they are repaid on time. Therefore, use them only if you are sure that you can give a certain amount on time, and borrow only as much as you need.

If you over-credit, you may have a problem with repayment on time, and then the loan company will add additional fees or you will be forced to extend the repayment date. Even the best loan, if it is not repaid, can be a bullet.